Greek Stone Coasters Boxed set of 4

Do you know what a stone coaster means? Have you ever purchased them to give away as a gift or any business purpose? So basically these refer to instant advertising at your desk or boardroom table. They are also used for client gifts. This is something which your client will remember just by seeing. They are personalised stone coasters also. Many people use these off as a design of their logos so that the other can notice. They are one of the things used for a great impression. There are many types of custom stone coasters used by many people at home and offices. They are available handmade also which many people love to buy. This will help you to protect your table from Zazzle. Here are some of the best type of stone coasters for you mentioned below-

  • Coaster stone Hexagon Absorbent Coasters

These are available in the hexagon shape rather than in a circle or square. The size of this is 4.25” diameter and it includes a cork backing. It will come with a custom print with full colours artwork. It is made of natural stone which gives a beautiful look. You will get many colours of impressions according to your choice.

Some best type of custom stone coaster

  • Greek Stone Coasters Boxed set of 4

You will get this in a box set of 4 custom stone coasters. It has a unique Greek-inspired design. The box you will get will come with the proper packaging. It has a diameter of 4.25”. You will get more colours in there too. As they are made of natural stone which gives a good look and makes a great impression in front of your clients.

  • Victorian Stone coasters

It will come with a set of 4 stone coasters. They are very beautiful and have a unique feature of Victorian-inspired design. It has also the same diameter and comes in different colours according to your preference. It also includes a cork backing. The packaging is always good. When you search for more types of stone coaster then you will notice that they come in different colours, sizes and shapes.

Many people love a different look of these stone coasters which should be unique from others. You can also print your company logos on it and can get a personalised one also. all these are available on many sites. You can get more details of these products on promotional items websites.