History of Music and Extinct Musical Instruments

Extinct Musical Instruments

Are you feeling too many emotions altogether? Be it love, happiness, emptiness, excitement, sadness, or any of such kind. Music is an escape for one and all. Music allows us to express our feeling when words can’t. Music tends to be an instant mood lifter. If you want to relax, you can tune in to music, if you wish to meditate for peace of mind, you can listen to music to calm yourself.

The best part of music is, you can learn and play musical instruments and can create music of your own. There are various instruments that you can try and learn to soothe yourself whenever you wish to. All around the world, some instruments are now losing their identity due to the influence of modern music and modern instruments. Music and musical instruments, allows us to connect to our heritage and culture.

Music can be used for various occasions such as weddings, performing traditional rituals, death, mourning, etc. That’s the absolute power of music i.e.; it allows to express not just feelings but situation and circumstances too. Every literature around the world has music attached to them. It enables people to liberate themselves also. Nowadays, in schools and academic institutions, education is being imparted to the students with the help of music. This is because music makes learning fun too.

Following are some musical instruments now that have lost their identity or have become extinct:

The Gue

Gue was last witnessed in the year 1809. It was much similar to the violin. It used to have two strings and was played in the same manner as of a violin. The strings were of horsehair. The gue was popular in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

The Peri Yazh

There many varieties of Yazh. It is a harp-like instrument. It was popular and has existed in ancient India too. The leather-bound Yazh had 21 strings.

The Yorkshire Bagpipes

The Yorkshire Bagpipe is familiar from the times of Shakespeare. It was popular in Yorkshire of northern England.

The Sambuca

The Sambuca resembles a harp in its design and the way it looks. It had an exotic sound. It was popularly played in Athenian and Roman ceremonies.

History of Music

Long back in the age of ancient and medieval history, music was one of the significant sources of entertainment for them. It was so because music tends to relax your mind and soul. Earlier, there were not many instruments to play and learn, and people used to use their voice to create different sounds and rhythms. Clapping hands together, hitting stones, whistling, etc., were some of the choices that humans use to have.

Guide to Avoid Mistakes when Building your Dream Home

Building your Dream Home

We all aspire to have a home of our dreams. To increase existing assets or to multiply your equity, building a home serves many purposes. A home is a place where you feel free, comfortable, secure, positive, and above all, happy. A home symbolizes the inner world of the people who live there. Your personality reflects in the way you build, decor, and keep your home.

While planning to build a new home continues, always list down what all we need in our house so that we can live comfortably and peacefully in our home. You jot down everything considering what to buy from where for the home. But you should not forget to list down the things that you should avoid while constructing a new home. People make one home in their lifetime, and some lucky people have the opportunity to create two houses as well. Listed below can turn out to a guide for beginners as well as for those who already own a home and wish to construct more. Let’s discuss some points that you should avoid while building your home:

Lack of Space Planning

Space planning and its designing are essential in any home. Ample storage is required in a home to live comfortably and without any hassles. Think carefully about the size of beds that you are going to be placed in your rooms. The bed acquires most of the space in a room. Pay attention to where you need to fix your wardrobe. Every room does not require to have big walk-in-closets.



Keep in mind that natural light is vital for your home. It would help if you designed your home in such a way that it allows enough amount of sunlight in your rooms, dining hall, and kitchen. Proper lighting in your home also plays its game. There should be plenty of light fixtures in your home, so that in the evenings, it does not go dark in your home. Not just sunlight, think about how you can add skylights in your home during the night.

Underutilized Rooms

Adding playrooms, multi-purpose rooms, and gaming and gymming zones in your home may sound exciting and tempting. But adding such places to your home may waste the space and money altogether.

A home provides a supportive environment where you can discover new things and grow. That’s why it is essential to build your home with patience and time. Home is the only place for humans where you can sit, relax, cry, laugh, eat. That’s why it is significant in the lives of most people. Invest your time and money wisely while building a new home. Construct a home as per your lifestyle and needs. You can reach up to a professional architecture to avoid these mistakes.

Fashion Guide &  Accessories you must Have In Your Wardrobe


Fashion is an expression of time, culture, lifestyle, and above all, your personality. Fashion connotes the distinctive taste of a person. You always have a choice to follow an ongoing fashion trend, or you can create your own pattern for others to copy. Fashion is a freedom of expression to someone, and for some, it becomes a legacy to follow, for example, celebrities.

Today’s generation looks up to cinema, celebrities, and politicians to get fashion inspiration. From plain to blingy jackets, statement jewelry, watches, shoes, rugged jeans, and what not is in fashion today. The fashion and clothing industry contributes a significant share in both the nation and the world’s economy.

Fashion reflects and reveals one’s identity in his/her social group. You can develop a first good impression with your fashion sense on anyone. Fashion allows people to inspire others in many ways. Putting fashionable clothes and donning the latest accessories can help in boosting the self-confidence of a person.

Fashion Guide

Now let’s discuss some accessories that you must have in your wardrobe to feel and look fashionable


Other than protecting your eyes from sunlight and showing you the correct time, sunglasses and watches can add to your style statement. Sunglasses come in different shapes and colors, which can enhance the look and make you more stylish.


With its never-ending list of the utilities that a bag offers, it a must-have accessory in your wardrobe. For different purposes, different kinds of bags are available. You can take them to formal meetings, wedding parties, offices, shopping, and can look classic and trendy. Be it a tote bag, sling bag, handbag, wallet, or just a clutch bags and purses are essential for a complete look.

Statement Jewellery

The piece of jewelry you put represents your style. From a plain to blingy set of jewels can add a lot your overall look. Be it a stud earring or light-weighted chain for your neck; jewelry adds a dazzling factor to your style.


Watches, on the other hand, is an indispensable fashion accessory. You can put a watch in informal and formal parties, weddings, cocktail parties and wherever you wish. Because nowadays, watches are not worn to keep up to time but as a style statement.

To convey and display your sense of clothing, you need to have confidence as your first and foremost necessary apparel. You look good only when you feel good about yourself. A piece of clothing could be comfortable for you, and for some, it may not. Putting clothes and accessories with a cent percent confidence enhances your beauty and overall look. These must-have never goes out of fashion. You can adorn them in any season, and you will look stylish and classic.