Extinct Musical Instruments

Are you feeling too many emotions altogether? Be it love, happiness, emptiness, excitement, sadness, or any of such kind. Music is an escape for one and all. Music allows us to express our feeling when words can’t. Music tends to be an instant mood lifter. If you want to relax, you can tune in to music, if you wish to meditate for peace of mind, you can listen to music to calm yourself.

The best part of music is, you can learn and play musical instruments and can create music of your own. There are various instruments that you can try and learn to soothe yourself whenever you wish to. All around the world, some instruments are now losing their identity due to the influence of modern music and modern instruments. Music and musical instruments, allows us to connect to our heritage and culture.

Music can be used for various occasions such as weddings, performing traditional rituals, death, mourning, etc. That’s the absolute power of music i.e.; it allows to express not just feelings but situation and circumstances too. Every literature around the world has music attached to them. It enables people to liberate themselves also. Nowadays, in schools and academic institutions, education is being imparted to the students with the help of music. This is because music makes learning fun too.

Following are some musical instruments now that have lost their identity or have become extinct:

The Gue

Gue was last witnessed in the year 1809. It was much similar to the violin. It used to have two strings and was played in the same manner as of a violin. The strings were of horsehair. The gue was popular in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

The Peri Yazh

There many varieties of Yazh. It is a harp-like instrument. It was popular and has existed in ancient India too. The leather-bound Yazh had 21 strings.

The Yorkshire Bagpipes

The Yorkshire Bagpipe is familiar from the times of Shakespeare. It was popular in Yorkshire of northern England.

The Sambuca

The Sambuca resembles a harp in its design and the way it looks. It had an exotic sound. It was popularly played in Athenian and Roman ceremonies.

History of Music

Long back in the age of ancient and medieval history, music was one of the significant sources of entertainment for them. It was so because music tends to relax your mind and soul. Earlier, there were not many instruments to play and learn, and people used to use their voice to create different sounds and rhythms. Clapping hands together, hitting stones, whistling, etc., were some of the choices that humans use to have.