Houston child custody attorneys

When you and your ex go separate ways, you would want child custody to be decided legally. This is important especially when you and the co-parent are not on good terms after the separation. Though being granted joint custody is good, you might also want to get full custody of your kids. And if this is what you are after, then here are the things that you should NOT do while battling for child custody.

Talk Negatively About The Other Parent

When you are not on good terms, it is difficult not to speak negatively of your ex. But what Houston child custody attorneys advice is that, to avoid talking bad about the ex, especially in front of your kids. As much as possible, try to keep your feelings and opinions about the other parent, to yourself. Even though when your kids start to ask questions, never bash your ex in the process. If you cannot keep it all in, talk to someone – a friend or relative instead.

Alcohol or Drug Misuse/Abuse

One thing that can make you lose this battle is if you can prove that you are not worthy to be a parent. And that can happen if you misuse or abuse alcohol or illegal drugs. No court will allow a parent to be granted custody if you are a drunkard or a drug addict. The other parent can use this against you for them to gain full custody of the children. 

Houston child custody attorneys

Not Being Prompt During Visits

No matter what the circumstances are, you should never show up late during pick-ups and visits, especially when you are granted visitation rights. Being punctual shows that you are willing to compromise and work things out no matter how difficult your current situation is. And you are not only doing this to prove something but also to make your children feel that they are still the most important part of your life.

Having a Habit of Rescheduling Visits

You should also avoid rescheduling visits and pickups. If you want to win custody, remember that repeated rescheduling your parenting time can be bad for your reputation. And this will not sit well with the court too. It will make you appear as though you are not up to par with what they should expect from you as a parent.

Child custody laws are different for every state. And while you are battling with a custody case, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the law. Also, avoid committing these mistakes because this can put your fight at risk. If you want to win custody, then you need to do something that can make you look like the ‘better’ parent.