For all things wood!

There are no two ideas when it comes to the use of wood for construction of any building. Building houses that are considered sustainable is the new trend and the concept s taking speed all over the world. Many have enlisted themselves in the carpentry classes and the women are no exception in this matter. This is true not just for new buildings but also for existing buildings which need a face lift and upgrade. Many people who are into carpentry like the Makita orbital sander for smoothing out the wood surface and to make it easy and smooth to look and to work with.

Furniture recycling:

Upgrading and painting a piece of furniture requires that the old paint be removed and new paint is applied so as to make it look new and attractive. The sander is a very essential addition to the carpentry tool box and the importance of this cannot be reiterated enough. Every piece of furniture need a thorough sanding job to uplift the work and bring out the natural grain of the wood which otherwise would be hidden under the rough surface.


Salient features:

The tool is as mentioned earlier an important addition in a toolbox and this is electric powered and the sand bit can be changed according to the need of the job. It has a huge capacity to spin at a maximum speed of 12,000 and more revolutions per minute rpm for short. The size is 123 mm and the weight is 1.9mkilograms. The speed can be varied depending on the need; the huge ball bearing construction helps in the smooth running function of the tool.

This is amazing!

The tool is quite the most needed item here when you imagine working with sand paper where you need to work very hard and you literally have to be a slave to the job but with this, it has become a breeze. It has the suction feature where the dust can be sucked within leaving no room for any external wood particles to float in the atmosphere and therefore this is a treat tool when you have to safeguard your health and to prevent allergies, the paper can be changed easily.

Easy handling:

The woman carpenters like the Makita orbital sander because of its easy handling feature and thus preventing the use of muscle power.