Soil is everything:

            Can we as humans imagine a life without food or water or air? When the air is as available for free and water can be had from some source, where would the human go for food? The soil of course!  Being connected with the soil gives you a world of opportunities and many people around the world are getting to realize the concept and are turning to the old ways of life and they are staring their life in a style like beginning a homestead, or staring a farm and many such ideas. Plats are what feed more than fifty percent of the human population and the cattle in the world and one such person is Martha Moore. You can find that growing and caring for plants is Martha’s forte if only you just gave it some time to understand how she is connected with the soil and how she is developing a variety of opportunities for other people to try.

Multi faceted:

            More than ninety percent people of the world are yet to realize that there is a new fashion going on not just in the rural areas of the world but also in the urban and ultra urban areas of the globe. The new fashion is being a gardener or a farmer and in one word, soil.


Many professionals are getting into gardening and farming as a hobby or are leaving their jobs in the city to becoming full time farmers to grow their own food and want to avoid the food that is sprinkled with chemicals and fertilizers and to save the future generations. Martha has several talents to her name as she has developed d such beautiful topiaries, she grows food and also gives people who are interested a lot of knowledge to all people through her blog.

Information rich:

            If you need any information on how she carried out all this with such ease and effortless grace, you can visit her blog and get to know all about her ideas. The knowledge gained would help others in growing their own food as she grows food like cucumbers and how to cultivate the soil for growing cucumbers and how o make the soil rich with the required nutrients and the best season to grow them as growing and caring for plants is Martha’s forte.