Here, behavior is not behavior. How well the fish swims and how attentive it is.

In the wild canals of Southeast Asia, small wild Betta fish still swim, protecting their bubble nests from all intrusions. Although lively, Betta’s fish are very far from relatives, commonly called Siamese fighting fish.

Wild Betta fish will fight to protect your area, but they are street fighters compared to sparkling peas in the pet trade, that is, the familiar Betta fish. Wild Betta fish is not as colorful as the Betta family fish, nor are its fins as long and attractive as their family counterparts. However, genes certainly are. When Betta fish, untamed or tamed, collides with another Betta fish, both act impulsively in response. His body color darkens noticeably, blushes with irritation, and his lagging fins open and sit straight, like a fan, ready to defeat the summer heat.

For centuries, in Asia, small fish was grown on the Internet only for their ferocity and fighting efficiency. Their keeper put fish together in battle, many times to death, mostly like cockfights.

Today, hostilities are not permitted or justified by the International Congress. Alternatively, Betta breeders raise fish to enhance their beauty using the physical uniqueness of aggressive behavior.

Betta Fish Show

Here, behavior is not behavior. How well the fish swims and how attentive it is.

This is the essence of competing in fish shows– just fold these cards, and do the rest with the help of betta fish.

Betta fish usually costs more than $ 150. Despite the fact that breeders would like to recoup their operating costs, they know better than to think that they will earn a lot of money from their fish. Breeders do this primarily to satisfy the need to grow betta fish, and not to make more profit.

The best real water for your Betta fish is just tap water. You can also use spring water, but you must remove the harmful chemicals present in it by following the procedure below:

  1. In most cases, a very harmful chemical known as chloramines is present in the water, which can kill your betta. To remove this harmful chemical from water, you must purchase AmQuel. AmQuel is very easy to get at pet stores.
  1. You can also get a “stress coat” at a local pet store nearby. It is also one of the best foods for your betta fish.
  1. Now that you have treated the water in accordance with the above instructions, you need to “withstand”, which will allow all chemicals and gases to disappear, as well as standardize the pH of the water. To let the chemicals, evaporate, simply place the treated water in an open container for a week.