The top advantages of online sports bettingThe top advantages of online sports betting

Online betting is very popular nowadays because of the widespread use of the internet. There are many ways to bet and to classify our bets according to their characteristics. Betting on one market is not the same as betting on the other, just as simple bets are not the same as combined. Therefore, in this article we will dive into the world of betting and will try to understand the basic of betting for our own benefits.Read this article carefully to know about betting in detail. Click here for sts kod promocyjny.

Betting by balance

When we bet we do it with money, although as you well know you have to differentiate between real money, the result of your deposits in the betting house and your earnings, and the freebets or bonus money that we obtain through the different promotions that we offer. Gambling with one type of balance or another has its consequences.Visit this site for sts kod promocyjny

With real balance

The vast majority of bets made are with a real balance, so if it is a winner, we take the winnings and the amount wagered (playing € 1 at odds 2.0 we take € 2). They are the bets that count when participating in promotions or releasing the bonus, provided that other requirements are met (betting on certain markets, minimum quota, etc.).

The top advantages of online sports betting

With bonus money

Either because you are using the welcome bonus or because you have obtained freebets, they are free bets, in which we do not play with real balance but with bonus balance. Unlike real balance bets, when playing with bonus money we get only the net winnings (betting a freebet of € 1 at odds 2.0 we get € 1). These bets are excluded from promotions and do not count towards rollover either.

By resolution period

We can differentiate between short- and long-term bets. The short – term bets are those that are resolved soon, for example when you bet a football game or a motorcycle race. On the other hand, long-term bets are those we make before a tournament, generally on the winner (champion of the League, of Champions, of the Tour de France, of the US Open). In the case of tennis tournaments, they can be solved in a week, but if you bet on the league champion in August you will have to wait until May to collect.