Since one is acquainted with the in and outs of the first and most basic part of a car check that being the basic vehicle check, coming to the next interesting part in a car check report that being  the finance report where the financial aspects of the car purchase total car check are being evaluated with emphasis being laid from the time of purchase to the time of resale or till the till the  car has arrived for the evaluation for the car check report. This provides a detailed description on car check data and to avoid finding out later about any past history of financial dealing which can land the new owner of the car in legalised financial troubles.  This calls for a through report from the car check officials regarding any form of its previous data that can be proven detrimental in later stages of life after purchase of any sort. Hence the things that are included in the car check reports are outstanding finance check, insurance write off check, police history of being stolen check, certificate of related destruction and high-end risk check and any kind of mileage anomaly occuring if present in case of any.

The description of the contents of the financial report

The financial report as mentioned earlier consists of an outstanding finance check usually includes a financial report where if the car has any payments to me made of any sort either to the insurance company or to the previous owner hence clearing the name of the owner who is purchasing from any finance related troubles associated with the car. This when ignored can actually cause the owner to fall into legalised financial troubles. Coming to any history of write off from the insurance company meaning the car has been declared a loss the amount of money put into repairs and fixes is more than or exceeds the purchase value hence is car has been declared a write off previously and is atill trying to be sold to the new customer it can be identified from this aspect of the report and the whole purchase proceedings can be stopped further saving the buyer a lot of money and time behind the doomed car. And the basic drill that is to be followed being the cross checking of records of the police for any theft history and any form of destruction to the vehicle to present it as new or a different one and the change in mileage meter meaning any tampering of any sort down to check for the mileage inconsistency. Hence this savws a person from falling into any financial or legal troubles from purchasing the car.